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The Assist – JSF’s Featured Artist for July

After a manic June @ JSF with Glasto & JSF FC, we’re back on track with our Featured Artists – and our chosen act for July is: The Assist. We caught up with Mikey from the band to chat about all things going on…

1) Hi Mikey, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Let’s wind it back to the start – where are you guys from? And how do your surroundings inspire you/your music?

Not a problem, the band are from Walsall. Myself and my brother are from a small town called Bloxwich on the outskirts. Growing up in this area meant that music was a real escape for us. The music and football culture that we was subject to throughout our teenage years most definitely shaped who we are today. This began with two brothers trying their best to imitate noughties era bands over tea after a days worth of Wembley.

2) Tell us a bit about the journey so far, the years of grafting and getting to the point of releasing your debut album, ‘Council Pop’…

The early years were relentless, we were so young that the amount of shows just didn’t faze us. We ran ourselves into the ground playing shows that probably weren’t worth the time.  As kids it was just an opportunity to meet new people, enjoy the gig scene and be young. We were consumed by the natural high that playing live music bought about. We didn’t necessarily have a message back then, we just wanted to be rockstars and we certainly was.  Looking back now it was definitely those years that inspired us to write the debut record. We had a story to tell after 7 years of ups and downs. 

3) It seems you guys have been smashing it of late: support from Lamacq at 6Music, a slot on Soccer AM. Anything we’ve missed?

You have missed all the fighting that’s for sure. It’s a great thing to be in a band, especially one as tight knit as what ours is. However, any band will tell you that there are always differences within personality and vision that’s for sure. Managing a band can be so difficult but it’s certainly worth it when you see people completely get what you are all about. We have achieved some incredible things. We made the official UK charts with our debut album and idols of ours have the record in their family homes.

4) And you’ve done all of this DIY?? That’s impressive. Any advice you’d give an upcoming band in a similar situation, trying to get to where you’re at?

The biggest piece of advice I could give to anyone is to do what you love doing and don’t pretend. I’ll be 60 and still playing music or painting pictures with words. I often believe I’m an artist chasing my dreams at the age of 26, however, I’m not chasing any dream, I’m living one. All I want to do is play music and inspire people to make the correct life decisions through my words. This album allows me to do that.

5) So what’s next for The Assist? A follow up record/tour..? And how can people follow your journey?

Next for the Assist is a winter tour that’s for sure. We feel we still have so much more to deliver with regards to the album. We have some acoustic recordings which we are so excited to share, we have a couple of live tracks that will blow peoples minds and we of course have started writing for a second studio album. Here’s all our social links:





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