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LIFE – JSF’s Featured Artist for March

JSF caught up with the brilliant LIFE about their latest record. Have a gander!

Yes Mez, how are you mate? thanks for taking the time to catch up with us today. We’re loving the new single and are big Life fans. You guys seem to have heaps going on right now with new music, a tour and a new record announcement. Can you bring us up to speed with what you got cooking?

It’s all cooking brother; we’ve just announced our 3rd album! It’s called North East Coastal Town and lands 10 June. It’s felt like a long time coming but we are so proud of what is about to land as it means the world to us. To be fair, we’ve been blown away by the response to our new music so far. We’ve dropped two singles off the album – Friends Without Names and Big Moon Lake – and we have plenty more singles on the way. 

Yes mush, we look set to tour properly again too, through-out June we will be hitting multiple independent record stores and then throughout the full Autumnal season we will be on the tarmac across the UK and EU. Fucking fantastic. 

I think we first found out about you guys probably 6 or 7 years ago now, If I remember correctly it was through some work we were doing with the Warren and then we did a show together in London. You guys were fiercely independent and always flying the flag for Hull and the area in general, the album title is a sure nod to this. How have your roots shaped you as people and impacted your musical style? Hull is a hotbed for new music, some cracking stuff has been coming out in the past few years, has it always been like this and can you recommend any artists to check out? Have you ever encountered any difficulties in getting yourself out into the broader musical landscape?

Yes mate; independent for sure and we are very proud of our roots. Hull’s geography, history and community has always inspired our creativity. Hull runs through our DNA and has shaped us, weathered us, empowered us, embraced us and made us feel accepted. The new album is our love letter to the city of Hull. It’s an ode to kinship and relationship with its musical and lyrical spine picking out themes of love, desire, beauty, horror, chaos, pride and most importantly, like you say mate, the sense of belonging. 

We’re dedicating North East Coastal Town to people and place and those that have always been there and made us feel like we belong. I can’t wait for it to be unwrapped on 10th June!

And yes ‘new’ bands from this area: big shout-outs to Low Hummer and Priestgate both smashing their achievements right now and both class live.

It was fantastic to hear your last single on the 6 Music A list, that’s got to feel good to see all the hard work paying off. Even though it is easier than ever to get music out there on the various platforms, the music industry is so tough to navigate, we’ve come across countless fantastic bands that people will never get the joy of hearing. Do you have any advice for young unsigned bands trying to get their music out to a broader audience?

Firstly, cheers pal, BBC6 Music have been so good to us. I bloody love that station and everything they are about and I’m excited to get all the new LIFE singles out there!

Advice? I think the main thing in-order to penetrate the so called music bizz is work ethic, self-belief and to generally have a firm idea of what you want to do as an artist; regardless of what’s going on around you, who or who isn’t trying to cuddle up-to you coz, unless you are lucky, it’s hard to get support as music is everywhere and those that control the purses tend only to be looking at stats rather than opening their fucking ears. 

I say get anal and plan everything from your output, your content, your live plot whilst staying true to your voice and that way you can box things off yourself and look after those that are close whilst notching up the organic and self-made achievements. The bunce might not always be there but the achievements are golden and it means you don’t have to wait around; you can just crack on! 

Get onto their brilliant new album: https://theliquidlabel.ffm.to/life_northeastcoastaltown

And also their superb new video: http://youtu.be/jG9pOfi6kMs

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

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