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Forever Strummer

We are releasing a 10th anniversary Joe Strummer calendar for 2012. Marking 10 years since Joe Strummer’s passing, the calendar will include 12 months of Strummer’s most inspirational quotes, previously un-seen images and hand-written artifacts from his personal archive.

“We are very excited to present this calendar as our first offering for Joe’s 10th anniversary next year. It’s interesting how even ten years after Joe’s passing some of his words of wisdom are more pertinent now than ever before and we hope that this is reflected in the calendar and that it will be celebrated by Strummer fans around the world.” – Strummerville

We will also be releasing two Joe Strummer Christmas cards this year. One is Joe’s last hand-drawn Christmas card (Strummer would send hand-drawn Christmas cards to his close friends every year) and one is this previously never seen before photo of Joe, taken by Bob Gruen in New York, when Joe was giving money to a homeless person.

“I never saw Joe pass a needy or homeless person without giving them something.” – Bob Gruen

Forever Strummer 10th Anniversary Calendar 2012
Limited Edition Bob Gruen / Joe Strummer in New York Christmas Cards (Black And White)
Joe’s Last Hand Painted Card

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Without People You’re Nothing – Joe Strummer

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26 Responses

  1. I wish there was a cheaper way for those of us here in the US to get this calendar. Using the currency converter, it would cost over $33 to buy and ship this here! Bummer. I really wanted one :( RIP Joe. 

  2. I’m a young fan of Joe and The Clash.. I’m just 19 so I never got to see them. PLUS I’m from Argentina :( But It’s good to know that people still remember this great band that made an important contribution to music, and his lead singer.. a wonderful man.
    Sorry for any mistakes.. my English’s not perfect :p

  3. Met The Clash  outside the Roxy in Norff Lundon in Sept 78. Show was postponed cus they just sacked Bernie and they all showed up to ‘sorry’ us punters. Stuck around for a couple of hours. To a dweeby 15 year old poser/punk it was major!

  4. Seen the Clash at Edinburgh Odeon on the London Calling Tour the man was a legend Whiteman in Hamersmith Palae one of the best records ever written If Hitler flew into today you would send a limosene anyway classic line.

  5. Ahhh loved The Clash from  the very first moment my best friend in 8th grade turned me on 2one of his older brothers albums ‘London Calling’ The energy,feelings,lyrics and raw emotions that are put in2 the music it’s self are have been and ALWAYS will be unparalled

  6. I find it funny when I hear da Clash on da radio Cause I’m always like ya couldn’t fuckin play them in the 80’s when the music was total shit but now uwanna play London Calling like ur station is cool or something???Better late then never I guess……………

  7. Was It really ten years ago. Reading all these comments brings it back. Saw the Clash 3 or four times back in late 70’s early 80’s, Lyceum  in London off the Strand and at Camden Electric Ballroom. Bin to hundreds of gigs but they still stand out in my memory as the best 

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