Gemma Rogers – JSF’s Featured Artist for September

This month, Tom @ JSF caught up with long-time friend of the foundation Gemma Rogers. Have a gander! Gemma! It’s been a while… you’re having some year by the looks of it. Firstly, congratulations on releasing your debut album ‘No Place Like Home’. We love it, and by the looks of it, so do many others […]

Jacqueline Tucci – JSF’s Featured Artist for August

This month, JSF caught up with talented Canadian artist Jacqueline Tucci on all things happening over there… 1) Hi Jacqueline, thanks for taking the time today to chat with us. For those who are currently unaware of yourself, tell us a little about your journey so far: where you’re based, how it all started, what’s […]

The Assist – JSF’s Featured Artist for July

After a manic June @ JSF with Glasto & JSF FC, we’re back on track with our Featured Artists – and our chosen act for July is: The Assist. We caught up with Mikey from the band to chat about all things going on… 1) Hi Mikey, thanks for taking the time to chat with us […]

English Teacher – JSF’s Featured Artist for May

Hello you lot. First off, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. You’ve been absolutely smashing it these past weeks/months – but let’s wind it back a bit: where are you from and where did it all start? Hello! It’s my absolute pleasure, thanks for asking us. It’s been a crazy few […]

The Skinner Brothers – JSF’s Featured Artist for April

JSF caught up with Zac of The Skinner Brothers, on the back of what has been a mega spell for the lads. Have a read…So you’re 4 albums in (since 2019). That’s some going, love it. Tell us a bit about the journey so far: where/how did it all start and how did you end […]

LIFE – JSF’s Featured Artist for March

JSF caught up with the brilliant LIFE about their latest record. Have a gander!Yes Mez, how are you mate? thanks for taking the time to catch up with us today. We’re loving the new single and are big Life fans. You guys seem to have heaps going on right now with new music, a tour and […]