We Award Changing Tunes £5000

Changing Tunes - Joe Strummer Foundation

Changing Tunes is a registered charity that uses music teaching, rehearsing, recording, performance, improvisation and composition to aid the rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-prisoners.

“The Joe Strummer Foundation is very happy to support Changing Tunes (London & South East) and their important work.”Jamie Webb, Charity Coordinator, The Joe Strummer Foundation

The common purpose of making music creates an environment for prisoners to improve self-esteem, build healthy relationships, and engage in an activity where hard work and perseverance brings rewards. These factors are major steps towards rehabilitation.

“Changing Tunes (London & South East) is delighted to be receiving support from the Joe Strummer Foundation to help expand our work using music to aid the rehabilitation of women in prison. It is challenging work and not always the most popular cause for funding so we are very grateful to the Foundation for responding with such positive interest in what we do.”Philip Emery, Director, Changing Tunes (London & South East)

For more information on the work Changing Tunes do please visit their website: http://www.changingtunes.org.uk/

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