Urgent Appeal For Sierra Leone Flooding

Sierra Leone Flooding Appeal - The Joe Strummer Foundation

We are devastated to learn about the catastrophic flooding happening in Sierra Leone right now. Our good friends at WAYOut Arts, whom we have helped over the years to set up a recording studio and supply instruments, have issued a call for urgent support.

They are now using the recording studio as an emergency shelter to house people, although this is helping it is not enough and the situation is getting worse.

“Thank you very much to all who have already donated. We are initially buying emergency clothes, food and drawing up lists of more long term items for when the water level drops. And asking those who need rehousing to look further up the hill for somewhere. But those places are hard to find. Meanwhile people are sleeping at the studio.”Hazel Chandler, WAYOut Arts

Sierra Leone Flooding Appeal - The Joe Strummer Foundation

Please donate what you can afford

We have set up this fundraising page to help raise funds so that we can send over monetary support to help – £100 pays rent for a year, £30 buys a new mattress, £10 buys a set of clothes. Please, if you can, donate immediately and help make the recovery as painless and as quick as possible.


When you click on the button you will be redirected to The Joe Strummer Foundation secure PayPal page (PayPal account not required, credit cards accepted). We will transfer the all of the funds every week directly to WayOut Arts.

If you can not afford to donate money then you can still support the appeal by sharing this page on Facebook and / or on Twitter.

As always, we thank you for your support,
The Joe Strummer Foundation
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