Toppers Raffle featured in Q Magazine

Clash man raffles mini

The raffle for Topper’s near-perfect mini costs just £10 to enter with all proceeds going to Strummerville. Tickets went on sale on May 30 and are available for six weeks.

To enter or check out more pics? Go to the Strummerville website.

To help Topper with his cause we’ve also written him a classified ad:

Should you stay or should you go? Go, we’d suggest – getting there will be much easier in this gem. Better than a Brand New Cadillac, reluctant sale for a good cause; one two-tone Mini Cooper, X thousand miles on the clock, perfect for parking outside the Casbah or dropping the kids off at Hammersmith Palais. Lost In The Supermarket? No worries, ample room in the boot for groceries. It’s surprisingly nippy – just watch you don’t end up in any scrapes with the law, they usually win, and of course park safely to avoid the Clampdown…

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