Help The Joe Strummer Foundation Raise £5,000 For The Stone Flowers Campaign

Freedom From Torture - The Joe Strummer Foundation


Thank you to everyone who donated!

We are very proud to announce our support of Stone Flowers, established in 2011, the Stone Flowers’ is a joint music project between Freedom from Torture North West and Music Action International (previously known as Musicians Without Borders), a local-based international music charity supporting men and women who have been subjected to and witnessed torture and organised violence and atrocities that most people find hard to conceive.

Freedom from Torture supports survivors of torture to rehabilitate through provision of psychological therapy and practical legal and welfare advice enabling them to gradually reduce their severe and complex trauma symptoms. Music Action’s Professional Music Facilitators provide support in improving their emotional health and well-being through music. The Stone Flowers music group is made up of survivors of torture who come together to create and play music, deliver public music performances and record CDs.