Don Letts BBC 6 Music Radio Show: Culture Clash Radio

On Sunday 19th Dec 00:00 on BBC 6 Music Don Letts will present a Joe Strummer related show filled with an hour of tunes from Joe Strummer plus songs from The Clash…

“It’s 60 minutes of all killer, no filler sounds, that cross time, space and genres. For the most part I’m gonna let the music do the talking. So, in the mean time and in between time I’ll gladly take your e-mailed thoughts and suggestions. Enjoy the ride…” – Don Letts

Strummerville Sessions for Channel 4

Strummerville Sessions is a 3 part TV series directed by Don Letts and presented by Jaime Winstone on Channel 4.

Filmed over the past few months the series focuses on six Strummerville bands captured at our festival campfire tour, our Westway Round The UK tour and at our Notting Hill Carnival Party.

STRUMMERVILLE: A Don Letts film on Sky Arts, Sunday 22 August

Joe Strummer’s untimely death in December 2002 sent shockwaves around the world of music and beyond. Yet friends and family were determined that his spirit would live on.

In this documentary, Grammy award-winning filmmaker Don Letts shows how Joe’s unique contribution to the music world is manifesting itself through a charity set up in his memory – Strummerville.

The film features performance footage and interviews with exciting Strummerville artists such as Riff Raff and Smokey Angle Shades. There are also contributions from supporters and founders of the charity, including Billy Bragg and Damien Hirst, plus wonderful footage of Strummer himself.

Strummerville Campfire at Glastonbury, Lounge on the Farm, Secret Garden and Endorse it in Dorset

Strummerville will be kicking off this year’s festival tour at their natural home, Glastonbury festival. They will be lighting the campfire (the biggest campfire at Glastonbury) Thursday night and keep it burning till Monday morning.

Strummerville on el Parlante Amarillo

We wanted to share this video with you, made by el Parlante Amrillo. It features Don Letts talking about his new film ‘Strummerville’. Here’s what el Parlante Amarillo had to say:

“The leader of the legendary band The Clash, Joe Strummer, not only made history as a musician and visionary, but that still leaves a mark on new generations of artists through Strummerville. Don Letts made a documentary about the Foundation, and with it brings us closer to punk Strummer’s legacy.”