Strummerville Print by Shepard Fairey

We are thrilled that the wonderful Shepard Fairey agreed to design an original Strummerville piece to raise funds for the organisation.

Shepard Fairey - Joe Strummer Limited Edition print


The print will be available to buy on Wednesday 16th April and is $65 from Shepard’s OBEY website – we will receive $35 per sale.

The Clash are my all-time favorite band and their frontman, Joe Strummer, is a hero of mine for his music, lyrics, wit, compassion for the underdog, and stance against injustice. Joe’s widow Lucinda approached me about creating an image of Joe to help raise funds for Strummerville, the charity set up to honor and fulfill Joe’s belief that music can inspire and empower. Strummerville provides opportunities for musicians around the globe. I was incredibly honored that Lucinda asked me to be involved, and I was moved when she shared her opinion that Joe and I have similar philosophies. The print is a collaboration with photographer Kate Simon, who shot the first Clash cover. Please check out what Strummerville is about and show your support! Thanks for caring. – Shepard Fairey

Strummerville Print by Shepard Fairey

Joe Strummer original photograph by Kate Simon

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