Rachel Webb: 2014 Strummerville Scholarship Winner!

Rachel Webb

We are delighted to announce that Rachael Webb a 18 tear old singer/songwriter for Northants was selected for the 2014 Strummerville Scholarship at the Tech Music School Fulham.

‘Rachael is getting to grips with her new course with real enthusiasm and when I spoke to her the other day in the corridors here at BIMM London and asked her how she was enjoying it,she said, she was absolutely loving it and felt incredibly lucky and grateful, to be given this fantastic opportunity by the Strummerville Foundation’Ian Sillett (Programme Leader BA (hons) Creative Musicianship BIMM London)

‘After reading Rachael’s story I was expecting a somewhat nervous performance. She not only displayed confidence and conviction but a touching vulnerability. After talking to her, I could tell this was an opportunity she would relish. A chance and deserved reward for her hard work so far’- Thomas Farrer (Strummerville)

We got an update from Rachael and she says the below.

‘Well I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have won the scholarship. I think it’s brilliant that there are charities supporting musicians and their dreams. I can’t thank Strummerville enough and I will try and continue to prove that I am worthy of this honour. Music is everything to me; so it means the world to have people believe in me this much’Rachel Webb

We all wish her all the best in what we hope is a long and fulfilling career in the music industry. And thanks to BIMM London for their continued support.

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