Projects Archive

Here you will find all the projects that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

The Rinse Academy

Strummerville has supported Rinse FM to set up the Rinse Academy at their studios in East London.

Formerly an unlicensed broadcaster and an internet radio station, Rinse FM has established itself as a not-for-profit Community Radio station that offers opportunities for individual young people, schools, local and related youth and community groups to have free access and training for radio platforms and other media projects and activities.

In stark contrast to the homogenized radio landscape Rinse FM seeks to champion the diverse needs of young London and those passionate about youth-orientated music culture, showcasing genres typically referred to as urban and/or dance while interacting with and influencing those scenes. Their fiercely grass-roots broadcasting ethos engages massively under-represented communities, especially 15-24 year olds.

Rinse FM’s work will target those who are denied opportunities because of their situation (local, young people, multi-cultural/diverse ethnic minorities and the socially excluded) and enable them to develop the skills of participants.

Uniquely placed at the hub of the Capital’s thriving British underground music community, demonstrating throughout 15 years of broadcasting that they provide a vital, unique and exceptionally successful, grass-roots gateway into broadcast radio and the wider music industry.

Festival campfire sessions

We try to keep the campfire burning at festivals across the UK and showcase new talent as much as possible at our campfire sessions.

Strummerville Mentor Bank

We have a selection of friends and mentors who give practical advice to artists and bands.

Strummerville Rehearsal And Songwriting Rooms At Oh Yeah, Belfast

We opened two new rooms on 02 May 2009 in the heart of Belfast. Both are decorated in Joe’s handwritten lyrics and musings and Clash memorabilia.

Strummerville Rehearsal And Songwriting Rooms At The Roundhouse, London

The Strummerville Studio is an 11m” studio in the Roundhouse Studios that is used for workshops and tuition as well as individual practice. It is decorated with some of Joe’s own handwritten lyrics and memorabilia from The Clash and permanently contains a mixer, amps, speakers, stands, and other equipment and instruments.

Who is it for?

The Roundhouse Studios is for young people 13-25 years old. Unlike typical arts venues with an education department, the Roundhouse Studios is fundamental to the ethos of the whole organisation, providing a space not only for creative thinking, but also state-of-the-art facilities for accessible, affordable and practical training for all types of young people from diverse backgrounds and situations. Many of the young people who take part in projects at the Roundhouse are socially excluded in some way and do not normally have access to creative opportunities.

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Strummerville supports the unsigned bands performing at the amazing Fuji Rock Festival by sponsoring the Rookie-a-go-go stage at the festival.

Special projects fund

We have been delighted to support the following:


Strummerville is happy to support this great initiative which is a non-profit music and mentoring program that empowers girls and young women through music education, volunteerism, and activities that foster self-respect, leadership skills, creativity and collaboration.

The camp fosters mutual respect, between bands, and non-competitive skill building, brought about by focus on the process rather than being outcome based. The young women are encouraged to explore self expression through music, build meaningful alliances with other girls and women, develop confidence in making healthy choices in their lives.

During the camp, students learn the basics (or improve existing skills) of an instrument, form a band, and write a song within their band.

Within the few days, they learn the basics of a chosen instrument, form a band, write a song, and perform it at a gig at the end of the session, for friends and family.

The project leader taught for a few years in The Willie Mae Rock Camp in New York, and was blown away by the experience. She decided to start one here in London, in 2009, based on their excellent model and program of events.

Female musicians, who volunteer their time and are all practicing musicians themselves, teach the girls.

Go girls!!

The Lovebuzz Poject is an organisation which for the last 2 years, has been woking to build a community-based recording studio for the under-priviledged young people of the N19 area and beyond.

It is a project that began with the young people of the Wedmore Estate pulling together in mid-2008 and actively deciding that they wanted access to a recording studio to “channel the frustrations and emotions” that they were feeling, growing up in a difficult and often dangerous environment and to offer them an alternative to spending their time on the streets. Many of the young people mentioned were facing Anti-Social Behaviour Orders at the time.

Two years later and this studio if finally open and offering courses to youths in the area and Strummerville is happy to have been able to help with the funding for the rental of the space.

SAMM was founded in 1994 and is run by and for the people who have been bereaved as a result of a Murder or Manslaughter.

SAMM raise public awareness of the effects of Murder and Manslaughter on families and sometimes whole communities.

SAMM take up the issues of concern arising out of the effects of Murder and Manslaughter, and to press for changes that are needed to eradicate the thoughtless and insensitive ways in which the Criminal Justice System deals with families of Murder victims.

SAMM press for changes and enforceable rights that Victims and their families need in order to ensure that the System, at the very least, treats them equitably and fairly.

SAMM promotes and supports research into the effects on society of Murder, Manslaughter and unlawful killing and to disseminate the results of such research.

SAMM co-ordinates meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and training courses with other organisations who work for the welfare of the Victims of Crime.

Strummerville has been working with a young group from Skelmersdale called The Shooting Star Poets. We are helping them with recording a campaign track for the SAMM which will include a video to really try and connect with kids are are affecting these murders and try and bring about some change

Strummerville are working with Fairtunes to build a studio in Bogata.

Fairtunes works with the objective of providing music and radio studios for people in impoverished communities. FairTunes aims to specialise in supplying equipment and training, whilst creating opportunities for involvement in music and media.

FairTunes is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to using the power of music to enhance people’s lives in developing nations.

The ultimate aim of FairTunes is to leave the community with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain the facilities and resources we have set up for them. This method – creating a self-sustaining cycle – will empower the programme’s participants whilst building a network of reciprocal teaching and learning.

We are delighted to be involved with this great cause

Another great cause we are happy to support here at Strummerville. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is another charity which aims to raise awareness of prejudice against subcultures so young people and adults alike can feel free and safe to express their individuality.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, will focus on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities.

We were honoured to have been invited by Mick Jones to set up a live recording studio at his rock & roll library under the Westway in London. We were able to record over 20 of our bands in the studio which has given them lots of special tracks.

Camden Calling
A non-profit organisation set up to help people who are homeless and vulnerable in Camden through music.

Jail Guitar Doors
Strummerville is honoured to support Billy Bragg’s charity Jail Guitar Doors and the amazing work they do. Jail Guitar Doors is an independent initiative which aims to provide instruments to those who are using music as a means of achieving the rehabilitation of prison inmates. Founded by Billy Bragg, it takes its name from the b-side of the Clash’s 1978 single ‘Clash City Rockers

The River Rat Pack Tour
Strummerville is delighted to support another River Rat Pack Tour this year and we have some of our great bands on-board …

The Amber Trust
The AMBER Trust was set up especially to help blind or partially sighted children – including those with additional disabilities – to access and enjoy music. AMBER knows how important music is to these children: it is not only a source of great pleasure, it also encourages learning, boosts their confidence and helps to develop each child’s self-expression and communication, opening up a world of independence and hope for the future. Strummerville was honoured to support the great work of the The Amber Trust.

LA Music Club in Dover
We were delighted to support the great work of the LA Music Club in Dover of which former Clash drummer Topper Heddon is the president.

Abatonga Vibes band
Delighted to have been able to help source full kit and rig to set up this community in Milawi.