Plantet Notion – Clash drummer donates customised Mini to Strummerville

Planet Notion failed our driving test 5 times.

Well, technically speaking it was only 4. The first time wasn’t a failure because the car broke down. It was totally out of our control.

Following that we used to come out in sweats every time we took our test. Maybe it had something to do with the examiner breathing down our neck and looking down their nose at us.

Then again, the sweats could have been brought about by our booze intake, and, if the sweats did have anything to do with the examiners, they probably acted that way because we stunk of booze.

Basically, booze let us down. Point is that we can’t drive and we probably never will do.

If you happen to drive and you happen to like original punk-band The Clash, you’ll be interested to hear of a raffle taking place as part of the charity Strummerville.

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