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So you saw the name of the play and your interest was piqued, but what did you think it?s about? Perhaps an anodyne ?Buddy?-style Story Of The Clash; or maybe some inane jukebox musical along the lines of ?We Will Rock You?? Kindly think again.

Fortysomethings Nick and Steve meet again for the first time in years at a 2002 gig by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros at Acton Town Hall. They have seen a lot since they first met as teenagers watching The Clash play the Rock Against Racism rally at Victoria Park in 1978: divorce, class warfare, acid house, the bleak Thatcher years and even soap stardom, but the flame of punk idealism ? what they describe as the ?inner Strummer? ? has never quite gone out.

Have they done what they wanted in their lives? Can they put their past differences behind them? And – most importantly – will they meet their hero Joe Strummer?

Paul Hodson has written a perceptive, funny and hard-hitting play about male friendship, integrity and the struggle to retain youthful idealism in the face of life?s bitter blows, which was an Edinburgh Festival First winner in 2006 and toured the UK in 2007. The Clash and The Mescaleros provide most of the soundtrack. SLT’s production will be the amateur premiere of this passionate comedy.

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