Today we're excited to announce our EVERYTHING MUST GO - END OF STOCk CLEARANCE! We've got cool items going back several years, waiting to be re-discovered plus lots of bits and pieces that we really now must try to clear.


All proceeds (however small) from this crazy end of stock clearance sale will go towards covering our manufacture costs, storage costs and stock purchase costs. We are sure you’re aware that creating high-quality merch at the standard we do costs money, and as a non-profit we need to invest our funds into music projects around the world, rather than purchasing tonnes and tonnes of stock.

Does this mean we'll not be having any more merch? Of course not!

It just means that going forward we’ll be on a clean slate and rest assured will be building our merch items back up again, one at a time. Slowly.

We'll be utilising advancements in printing industry technology like the emerging technique of printing to order - i.e only print / produce the merch items once a target amount has been pre-ordred.

We see this is the future of merchandising and shipping retail online in general. Printing to order cuts down on wasted materials (anyone whose produced clothing knows you ALWAYS end up with bits and pieces of unsold stock items & sizes).

Printing to order saves time and effort and helps save the planet by reducing the carbon footprint by only ever printing what has been ordered - materials, ink, labour, all of that impacts on the planet.

This new approach is something that matters to us, and it aligns much stronger with our core beliefs. We rely on sales from our merchandise, the proceeds go into the day to day running of the Foundation. Plus we like making cool merch :)

But that is all in the not too distant future! What you've got to do now is focus on the present - and you have until Sunday 9th April 2017 to grab yourself a Strummerville / Joe Strummer Foundation bargain.

Happy bargain hunting - CLICK HERE TO NAB A BARGAIN :)

Thank you for your ongoing support, as always.

The Joe Strummer Foundation x

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