Happy New Year To All Our Supporters – 2017


Happy New Year to everyone who plays an instrument, buys gig tickets to see bands, buys recorded music (physical & digital), writes songs, organises shows (big & small), works at festivals, works at publishers, record labels, writes articles on bands and the music industry, sings, DJs, performs on stage, organises gigs in their local town, organises tours, runs music websites, teaches music, builds instruments, effects pedals & amplifiers.. EVERYONE in the world who contributes in some way to the world of music.

Without music, there wouldn’t be much else right now. We are in tough times, some predict 2017 will be tougher than 2016 but we all know music can transcend boundaries and geographical/inter-spacial barriers. We know that music connects people, it brings people together, so maybe music can still unite us. So let’s focus on the good things happening in world in 2017 – whatever they may be.

Here’s to a healthy, happy and rockin’ 2017. Wherever you are in the world tonight put on a record/WAV/mp3/whatever, turn it up loud and raise a glass.

Know your rights!

Thank you all for the support.

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