TJSF Supports Garageland Music – Hamilton, Canada

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Garageland Music at Halo is a new music school based in downtown Hamilton, Canada which is being supported by The Joe Strummer Foundation in the UK. TJSF gives opportunities to aspiring musicians and support to projects around the world that create empowerment through music.

Garageland Music at Halo is committed to teaching everyone who wants to learn music, irrespective of their income, and to helping local musicians find well paid jobs. Classes will be a combination of private and band lessons held by local and visiting musicians.

Children will be streamed into groups based on their interests and abilities, and they will be encouraged to practice within their group. Classes will be supplemented with special performances and seminars on various industry related topics. Families are encouraged to attend these performances.

For more information on Garageland Music follow these links:

There is a fundraising event on 25th & 26th March at This Ain’t Hollowood, Hamilton.

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