Fundraising Events For The Joe Strummer Foundation 2015

Joe Strummer - Without People, You're Nothing

Every year we’re truly fortunate to have amazing bands, event organisers and venues put on fundraising benefit gigs for us.. everyone of them is a celebration of the life and music of Joe Strummer.

These events are being held in United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Australia & Japan! We hope to be promoting and supporting more Joe Strummer nights in 2016, if you’d like to organise your own Joe Strummer Foundation event next year – contact us!

Here are this years benefit gigs (more to be added soon!)

14th Annual Tribute To Joe Strummer – Buffalo, NY
A Concert In Honour Of Joe Strummer – Green Bay
Italian Tribute To Joe Strummer 2015
Remembering Joe Strummer – Brighton
Strummer Night 4 – Newark
Strummer Jamming – Osaka, Japan

With love, unity & respect.

The Joe Strummer Foundation

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