Dr. Martens to Support Strummerville

We have recently partnered with Dr Martens who will be opening a brand new store in Carnaby Street, London. The store will showcase key pieces from the Strummer School exhibition, which has been curated by Robert Gordon McHarg III and was premiered at Strummer of Love.

“Dr. Martens is an iconic brand that is synonymous with music and has a great heritage. So we at Strummerville are honoured that they have chosen to support us. This partnership will offer a great platform to some of the fantastic bands we work with as well as offering them in store performance opportunities. Dr. Martens also made it possible to create Strummer School, a one off exhibition showcasing some of Joe’s archive at Strummer Of Love, our festival in the summer.” – Strummerville

The in store showcase will include personal effects, set lists and previously unseen items from Joe Strummer’s private collection, along with listening posts playing music from his back catalogue, including The 101ers, The Mescaleros and The Clash.

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