The Clash Takes on the World

The Clash Takes on the World - Joe Strummer Foundation

On Friday 1 September, at The Wonder Inn in Manchester, there is a book launch party for The Clash Takes on the World: Transnational Perspectives on The Only Band that Matters – a collection of scholarly essays about The Clash that was co-edited between James Peacock who teaches at Keele University and Sam Cohen, who teaches in Missouri.

Sam and James will talk a bit about the book, and there will be flyers and posters advertising it, but it won’t be for sale on the night (it’s far too expensive for that, as most scholarly books are).

What they are going to do is use the book as an excuse to celebrate The Clash and the punk spirit more generally. There will be live music, DJs, performance poetry, short stories and anything else that might happen on the night. All guests and participants will be invited to donate to the Joe Strummer Foundation.

The book is an exciting project, and the first of its kind, bringing together literature specialists, musicologists, historians and social activists to write on the transnational aspects of The Clash’s work. Best of all, Don Letts has written the foreword and supplied the cover image.

Details of the book can be found here:

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