£84,000 Raised At Our Spring Fundraiser!

We had a tremendous evening and raised the astounding total of £84,000 which means we are able to not only carry on with on going projects but we can reach out to more aspiring musicians and help them.

We are now able to start work, renovating the Roundhouse, we can send an engineer out to Sierra Leone to help re-build the broken studio and are getting on with The Strummer Sessions and hope to have the first one in late April, which is fantastic news!

Mick Jones

Mick Jones - The Joe Strummer Foundation

Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde - The Joe Strummer Foundation


Suggs - The Joe Strummer Foundation

Thank you to EVERYONE who attended, bought items and everyone who helped share our news online, you no doubt helped us spread the word, and to everyone for your ongoing support.

We will share more news soon!

Thank you,
The Joe Strummer Foundation

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